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This is an ongoing body of

work that heavily centers around

gender, sexuality, and identity. This work

comes from a deeply personal space as it is

heavily informed by Jozie's viewpoint of moving

through the world as a queer femme. She explores

questions centering around what does power/ownership/

control look like? And how does the power/dominance of another

body alter your own? Because bodies can be so vulnerable, nothing is

clear when you start sifting through experiences and identities that have

mapped, scarred, and sculpted each individual body. Which stories are allowed the

space to be voiced and heard? And which stories are silenced or disregarded based on

sexual identity, race, gender, class, or professions where bodies/sexuality are utilized as a

source of income. Her work explores how bodies are viewed, acknowledged, read, respected, and

objectified in different realms. How does that shift between environments of personal, public, and work

settings? She looks at stories of bodies and exposure in intimate moments versus public moments. How is

your relationship to your gender and sexuality built around those moments?



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