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photography by Passion Ward

featuring models:

P Brown, Amor Capdevila, Stephanie Lynn Wilson & Jozie Furchgott Sourdiffe (scroll down for biographies)

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Feisty Ink Threads



 P Brown  is a queer non-binary femme immigrant originally from Kingston, Jamaica, where they birthed 18 years of life in deep relationship with the Earth for survival, protection, and resilience. They are a creative writer, poet, and spoken word performer who comes alive as a fierce organizer, coach, and facilitator committed to powerful storytelling that centers QTPOC (Queer Trans People of Color) voices in the struggle to transform our societies towards collective freedom and liberation. Over the past 2 years, they’ve left academia to pursue full-time organizing as part of the global youth climate justice movement to shine light on the realities Black, Brown, and Indigenous Queer and Trans souls inherently hold wisdom to envision solutions and adaptations to climate crises. Their writing seeks to explore how the Earth itself reclaims queerness as core to its healing through its relationships with POC bodies. They’ve worked on the local, national, and international scale with organizations including the Better Future Project, SustainUS, Sunrise, and the Sierra Student Coalition. As such, they find joy, passion, and fulfillment in developing curriculum and trainings for climate and environmental justice youth programs to hold space for POC youth to explore their leadership potential, deepen their creative practice, and empower themselves to heal. Their work has been featured in numerous magazines and news-outlets, including Teen Vogue and, Ottar Magazine (in Sweden), Nowthis, and Vice. You can learn more about their work on Instagram by following them @palexbr.


Stephanie Lynn Wilson is a singer songwriter based out of Burlington VT. She has enjoyed worked alongside many Vermont based musicians and artists over the years and continually creates magic in art, dance and music. If you ever are lucky enough to witness Stephanie’s performance in person you will be enraptured by her mesmerizing movements and her uniquely crafted vocals & rhythms. Her latest album release is “Echo” with the band Juptr. And her latest work has been with DJ Snakefoot, composing music for the dance piece Rosa Cania by Sage Horsey.


Check out the links below to learn more about her work:

JUPTR music video

Rosa Cania

"All Gifted" with DJ Snakefoot

Loupo - Letters ft. Stephanie & Max Bronstein

"Cassius" By Smalltalker


Amor Capdevila was born in Miami and now living in LA.  Amor is a creative by nature and a Reiki Practitioner/spiritual healer. She has been involved in many creative projects, creating safe spaces in the community and a full time listener. She also writes poetry and is in the process of finishing her first poetry book. She is a lover of people, life and good energy. She is always free to give out hugs! 


Jozie Furchgott Sourdiffe is the creator of Feisty Ink Threads. You can read more about her background in the Bio section of this site.

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