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This is a collection of prints titled “Unrefined Anatomies”.

Bodies Are:: intimate/exposing/vulnerable/sensual/powerful/objects/weapons/fragile . . . . . .

What does power/ownership/control look like? And how does the power of another body alter your own?

Because bodies are so fragile & vulnerable, nothing is clear when you start sifting through experiences & identities that have mapped, scarred & sculpted each individual body. Which stories are allowed the space to be voiced & heard? And which stories are silenced or disregarded based on sexual identity, race, gender, class, or professions where bodies/sexuality are utilized as a source of income. I am interested in how bodies are viewed, acknowledged, read, respected, and objectified in different realms. How does that shift between environments of personal, public and work settings? I wanted to find the stories of bodies and exposure in intimate moments versus public moments. How is your gender and sexuality built around those moments and how does your gender and sexuality construct and alter those moments?
The medium of printmaking is fitting for this specific body of work. Printmaking allows the ability to make a repetitive set of images but depending on the ink, color, technique of printing, the image can be altered to create a drastically different meaning or evoke a different set of emotions from the viewer, all with the base of the same image. As well as when talking about the ideas of stereotypes. Stereotypes have a way of taking individuals and wiping away all of their defining characteristics to make one repetitive image. Through printmaking and collage I do the opposite: I take repetitive images and create an individualized unique personality with it. In my work, the act of cutting up, disembodying, and stitching back together mirrors the ideas that my images are exploring: dissecting, recreating and then reclaiming/re-owning.